About Us

We are an exclusive bridal store located in the heart of Barnsley town centre, providing the ultimate Luxe wedding dress experience for future brides.

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“I believe wedding dress shopping shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun and memorable, allowing women to live the moment they practised while playing as a child, dressing up and filling the room with happy tears.”

Rosie, Luxe Bridal

The Story of Luxe Bridal


When we started

Luxe Bridal was founded in November 2021 following a less than desirable personal bridal experience as a covid-19 bride, proving that every cloud has a silver lining.


Why we began

Due to a negative experience and rearrangement of three weddings, I began researching a lot into the bridal industry, this is when I found gaps that I believed I could fill. I felt I could restore bride’s dress experiences to meet the dreams that every little girl aspires to.


Our mission

To help turn those dreams into reality, the team here at Luxe are passionate, caring, and easy-going. They’ll make you feel comfortable, confident, and content throughout your appointment, and ensure you relish every moment of the experience.

About Us

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