V.I.B Bridal Package

What’s in the package?

Be a Very Important Bride! Luxury V.I.B appointments are perfect if you’re looking for a more unique experience in finding your dream wedding gown. Our V.I.B area is spacious and light, providing a welcoming, relaxed and warm atmosphere for the bride and her entourage to enjoy. It has been designed to be used, enjoyed and shared.

Oozing luxury, we carefully designed our V.I.B area with the bride at the forefront of our mind because we firmly believe that the most special time of your life deserves finer attention to detail. From the beautiful ambient lighting, plush seating, immense floor space, and a large floor-to-ceiling mirror, we’re able to offer the wow factor.

The area in which the consultation will take place is warm and welcoming. The V.I.B area has been designed to be enjoyed and shared which oozes luxury with all you brides to be and your entourage at the forefront of our mind because the most special time of your life deserves extra attention to detail. The space is spacious and light, with a floor-to-ceiling mirror and cushioned seating area for your entourage to enjoy.

The V.I.B Bridal Package appointment is 2 hours long

This package includes:

  • A range of drinks and tasty treats for you and your bridal party to enjoy, and a box of tissues at the ready!
  • One of our expert bridal consultants who will ensure your wedding dress experience is the best it can be
  • The exclusivity of the V.I.B area
  • No limit on the entourage size

Our V.I.B appointments are £40 to secure, which is payable upon booking.

  • Please ensure the amount is paid 48 hours upon booking.

How can the payment be made?

  • To secure your VIB appointment, our online booking system will allow you to pay VIA credit/debit card.

To ensure our brides stay within budget we also offer our V.I.B brides 10% OFF any full-price veil or accessories.

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